Limited Warranty Agreement

Service Procedures and Guidelines

Warranty Service Requests

Blackstone Homes strives for perfection in every home we build. However, building a new home requires working with both natural and man-made products and coordinating of numerous subcontractors and vendors to assemble those products correctly. So, despite our best efforts, we’ve never built a perfect home. But you have made a large investment in a new home, and it should function properly and be built to a high standard. That’s why we stand behind our work with a One Year Limited Warranty Agreement to ensure that repairs and corrections are made in a timely manner when certain aspects of your home do not function properly.

In order to manage your warranty effectively, we have developed the procedures outlined below. These procedures are designed to make the warranty process efficient and effective, and they have been developed over time based on our extensive experience. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures so that you will know what to expect from the warranty process going forward.

Normal Repair Request

These may be emailed to At that time a warranty representative will process the request and work to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible. Blackstone strives to have all warranty requests processed and scheduled within 1 business day of the request. (Actual repair times will vary depending on scheduling conflicts). Once received, the warranty representative and/or the appropriate subcontractor should reach out to schedule a time that works best for both parties.

Emergency Repair Request

If an emergency happens during non-business hours, you may call the subcontractors’ emergency phone numbers. These contacts are located at the end of this page. Blackstone suggests taping these contacts inside the cabinet door below the kitchen sink.

Warranty Outline

Closing — Aesthetics

Before closing, each home should be walked by the homeowner and a Blackstone team member to make note of any aesthetic imperfections that may be visible. It is Blackstone’s responsibility to resolve these aesthetic issues to the best of their ability before the homeowner moves in. After this point Blackstone can no longer be responsible for any aesthetic imperfections.

1 year — Functionality & Craftsmanship

Within the first year, Blackstone will warranty all functional issues of the home, such as windows, doors, roofing and cabinets. Craftsmanship such as (but not limited to) trim & tile installation are also covered under this 1-year warranty.

2 year — Mechanicals

Any issues that may arise from Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC will be covered by the licensed installer under this 2-year warranty.

10 year — Structural

Blackstone warrants the structure of your new home for 10 years post-closing. This warranty covers the framing of your home as well as any foundation issues that jeopardize the overall structural integrity.

*** All appliances and fixtures are warranted through the manufacture whose warranty may vary.


We strive to keep our customers informed about the status of their Warranty Requests as often as possible. However, certain situations require that we find answers to questions from our vendors and other trades. Sometimes these answers are not available immediately and take time to obtain. If this situation applies to you, we will do our best to obtain information as quickly as possible. We will also communicate the status of your request every few days, but if you desire information more quickly, then please feel free to email your Warranty Manager for an update.

General Notes on Warranty Work

  • ALL WARRANTY REPAIR REQUESTS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING. In order for Blackstone to properly manage our warranty system, all Warranty Requests must be submitted in writing via email (
  • Warranty Repairs will only be scheduled to begin AND end during NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS of M–F 8am-–5pm. We DO NOT schedule warranty work (except for emergencies) on weekends or after business hours. Our subcontractors and vendors typically work only during normal business hours so these are the only times that work can be performed. In addition, Blackstone Homes does not have staff available on weekends to handle service requests properly. We realize that this can often create a problem with work schedules, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • Some warranty repairs may require visits from more than one trade. When this happens, we do our best to schedule the trades to come in on the same day, but some cases require multiple trades, and therefore multiple days to complete. You will be required to be at home during each of those days in order for us to complete the work.