The History of Blackstone Homes

Building from the Ground Up

At the age of 10, Blackstone Homes’ founder Matt Johnson earned the opportunity to work alongside his uncle's framing crew in Bryan/College Station during his extended breaks from school. From that early age, it was clear that Matt Johnson was born to be a homebuilder.

From Centerville to Texas A&M University, he ventured out to learn the craft of homebuilding from one of the nation’s largest builders, where he oversaw the construction of more than 250 homes. This is where he learned the art of homebuilding and discovered a passion for design and what makes a home feel like a home.

While he gained valuable experience with those builders, Matt yearned to strike out on his own and bring his creative and entrepreneurial sensibilities to the industry. So, in 2007, he took the leap and founded his first business: Amstad Commercial Construction.

The Birth of the Blackstone Brand and Process

Soon after, Matt realized there was an extraordinary opportunity with residential home building — specifically, he saw that the custom home-buying process was complicated, frustrating and confusing to buyers.

Knowing that he could create an easier and more enjoyable process, Matt founded Blackstone Handcrafted Homes in 2008 to give custom buyers the high-quality product they needed with the personalized process they deserved.

How Blackstone got its name: Every Blackstone Home comes with a signature, black-granite cornerstone (otherwise known as a foundation stone or setting stone).

Historically, the cornerstone was the first and most important element of a new building since all other stones were then set in reference to the cornerstone, determining the quality of the entire structure.

Today, the Blackstone team builds each and every one of its homes with this special signature, representing Blackstone’s enduring commitment to quality.

At Blackstone Homes, Matt and his team honed and perfected their skills from the inside out. To start, they made the building process as simple and efficient as possible for buyers. Then, the team set out to create right-sized personal areas, inviting spaces that maximized sightlines and room flow, and special “memory points” for each and every home — the types of details that are only noticed when they’re not done right.

Together, Blackstone’s build process and quality has been designed to give each buyer an unprecedented peace of mind.

Blackstone Homes Today

AAs their custom home-building practice grew, Matt and his team realized an opportunity to build a better home at a more affordable price point while making the process more enjoyable for our home buyers. With that new vision in mind, Blackstone Handcrafted has now become Blackstone Homes — a unique builder that gives you the quality and experience of custom home-building but with the easy process and accessible prices of a personalized home.

In keeping with the company’s goal of making the buying process simple and easy, Blackstone Homes offers the only builder-owned design center in the region. That means you get to choose your finishing touches from an exclusive, curated line of offerings without having to coordinate between multiple vendors.

In the spirit of our new tagline, Building Memories, we personally invite you and your family to visit us and see one of our Blackstone Homes for yourself. We look forward to helping you build new memories in your brand-new Blackstone Home!