Blackstone Homes

Buyers choose new homebuilders Blackstone Homes to start Building Memories quickly and easily — with our simplified buying process, our curated custom designs and our commitment to the highest standards in the industry. To show that commitment, we etch our name into the black granite cornerstone of every new home we build as a unique signature of enduring quality.

For over a decade, the team at Blackstone Homes has created what the “ideal home” should look and feel like.

We have all heard stories from people who have built brand-new homes and wish they had done things differently. This is because a floor plan is often only a snapshot in time of a buyer’s vision — at that moment. However, we know that your home should be timeless and should be planned with many perspectives in mind. To that end, the Blackstone new construction home designs have taken all of those experiences into consideration, while also giving you a structured guide to personalize your home to fit both your taste and your lifestyle.

In your brand-new Blackstone Home, every detail has been carefully selected and planned to provide the lifestyle you want and the peace of mind you deserve, so you can start Building Memories from our first conversation.

Each Blackstone new construction floor plan has been carefully created with each of these points in mind:

  • Memory Points in your home — features that your guests will remember about your home
  • Windows are strategically placed to give you the best views and light in each room
  • Room flow is optimized to the way you live
  • Personal areas are perfectly sized — not “too big” or “too small”
  • Living spaces are set up for both entertaining and everyday living
  • Your home is designed with eco-friendliness and cost-savings in mind
  • You can personalize your finishing touches in our exclusive design center (the only builder-owned design center in the region)
  • You get maximum peace of mind throughout the homebuilding process with our easy, step-by-step program

At Blackstone, we have made it our life’s work to make the homebuilding process simple, easy and fun. Come visit us and see one for yourself. Your home is only one conversation away.